Towpath’s Tail

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Title: Towpath's Tail
Published by: Who Chains You Books
Release Date: June 9, 2020
Pages: 32
ISBN13: 978-1946044761


Towpath’s Tail is the story of a special pit bull puppy with a magical tail that spreads happiness wherever he goes. But when Towpath’s tail is suddenly stolen by an angry young boy, his friends all abandon him. Towpath’s only hope comes from the kindness of a young stranger who helps him regain the magic, despite his stubby new tail. And when Towpath finally happens again upon the bully who stole his tail, we discover that Towpath’s magic was not in his tail after all, but in his heart.


"A heartwarming tale about forgiveness and ultimate triumph over unspeakable cruelty. Towpath's Tail is a must for all parents and teachers who want to begin this conversation with their children."
Lynn Bolderson, Adjunct Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University

"Inspirational, beautiful and, best of all, true. I wish it would be required reading for every kid and, ideally, their parents, too."
Sandra L. Riesett, President, Show Your Soft Side

"A story of kindness and hope in a world that can be unfair and cruel, Towpath's Tail is a story for the ages and is bound to be a classic for generations to come."
Caroline Griffin, Esq., Animal Welfare Institute